• Interview with Anastasia from Cape Cod Momma!

    We work with Anastasia Lapointe from Cape Cod Momma a lot. She has a beautiful little girl named Elle who fills our Instagram feed with many gorgeous photos and we're so happy to have them as ambassadors for Eyelet & Ivy! Let's get to know her a little bit better! 

    Name, family info, hometown, kids, pets, husband's name. 
    Anastasia Lapointe, my 3 year old daughter's name is Elle, and my rescue fur baby is Bear (a golden retriever mix). We live on Cape Cod year round!
    What do you look for when shopping for your children's clothing?
    Timeless style (pleated dresses, peter pan collared blouses, bubbles), soft feminine prints and designs (mini florals, eyelet, bows, gingham) and quality that won't fade/tear wash after wash (we buy to wear, and I want Elle to be a kid, which often means getting dirty!)
    What's something that Eyelet & Ivy doesn't make that you wish they did?
    I would love to see some solid colored jumpers for the fall, and peter pan collared shirts in soft Eyelet & Ivy florals that we so love.
    If you had an extra hour in the day to yourself, what would you do?
    Paint. I have always loved painting, but have completely put this hobby aside after having Elle.
    What are you reading or watching right now?
    I listen to audio books nonstop (my commute to work is half an hour so it helps pass that time, and I also listen when putting away laundry or doing dishes). My last few favorite books include: The Great Alone, Before We Were Yours, The Lilac Girls, and when I need something fun, I read anything by Elin Hilderbrand.
    Tell us your fondest memory since becoming a mother.
    Traveling with my daughter has been the greatest joy. I love seeing the world through her eyes. Since she was born, some of our favorite places that we have traveled to have been: Germany, Holland, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Hawaii was most recent, and she keeps asking when we are going back.
    What's the best advice someone has given you about motherhood? Who gave it to you?
    When your daughter is asking for you, to come look at something, to come play for a minute, to answer her question, don't ignore her or say "in a minute", drop what you are doing and go spend that minute or two with her. It may be a small nuisance now, but those moments will pass, and you will yearn for that simple time together as she gets older and relies less and less on you. (my mom gave me this advice)
    Posted by Angela Martin
  • NEW Minky Collection Arriving Soon!

    Our Minky Collection along with some amazing outerwear are here! We will be officially launching the pre-order on Monday, June 17th at 8:30PM CST. We love this collection so much because it's the perfect amount of luxe with an everyday feel. Our minky fabric has a bunny-soft surface but thick like a fleece. We heard from many of our customers that they wanted our softy buttery minky fabric for themselves so we have added two pullovers for Mom this season and you can also match your mini-me!   
    We originally designed the Minky outerwear because we fell in love with the soft fabric and we liked the idea of lightweight coats and vests for mild winters.  Last year, we added our Cozy Minky Coats which are double lined in minky so they provide extra warmth and double the softness too!  This year we were inspired to create some older girl options as our own girls are growing up.  Our new plaid tartan quilted vests are great everyday for school or can be dressed up for the holidays. We liked them so much that we decided we had to have them for ourselves so now Mom can also match in these stylish plaid vests!  Our new quilted car coats for older girls were inspired by Burberry and have fun check linings.  Super cute with the sleeves rolled to see the check fabrics.  
    Have any questions about the Minky collection? We will be answering questions Monday on our Instagram Stories. Tune in! 
    XO, Alicen & Evey 
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  • Fun Bucket List Plans for your Summer!

    With Memorial Day behind us, Summer has officially launched and we couldn't be happier! We recently came across an article with a bucket list of things to do with your kids before they turn 12 and we thought it was really interesting! Here are some of our favorites and maybe you can start crossing these off with your kiddos this Summer! 
    1 - Camp out in the wild 
    2 - Run around in the rain 
    3 - Fly a kite 
    4 - Hunt for treasure on a beach 
    5 - Swing on a rope swing 
    6 - Eat blackberries growing in the wild 
    7 - Watch the sun wake up
    8 - Get behind a waterfall 
    9 - Feed a bird from your hand 
    10 - Cook on a campfire 
    11 - Canoe down a river
    Have you done all of these with your children? What would you add to this list? 
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
    XO, Alicen and Evey 
    Posted by Angela Martin
  • Welcome to the Eyelet & Ivy Blog!

    Welcome to our first blog post!  We cannot wait to share stories, sneak peeks, ideas, and exciting behind the scenes of Eyelet & Ivy - including our awesome team!  Join us for talks on fashion design, children's clothing, motherhood while also celebrating the wonderful women in business we work with! 

    Posted by Angela Martin