Evey Ellis
Alicen Grandjean



Evey and Alicen are co-founders of Eyelet and Ivy, LLC in Waco, Texas.  Evey is from Leland, Mississippi and a Baylor graduate. She is married to Lance and they have three daughters.  Alicen is from Birmingham, Alabama and an Auburn graduate. She is married to Pete and they have two sons and two daughters. All seven children are very special to us, but one in particular is very dear to our hearts. Rebecca, Evey's third daughter, was born with Down Syndrome. We took this blessing as a company initiative to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. 

Evey and Alicen enjoyed similar upbringings in the Deep South and a passion for dressing their children. They were both raised by mothers who hand-sewed and smocked their own clothing. Their mothers greatly influenced how they dress their own children and Eyelet & Ivy was born as a way to carry on that tradition, honor their mothers, and set an example for their own children.