Fun Bucket List Plans for your Summer!

Fun Bucket List Plans for your Summer!
With Memorial Day behind us, Summer has officially launched and we couldn't be happier! We recently came across an article with a bucket list of things to do with your kids before they turn 12 and we thought it was really interesting! Here are some of our favorites and maybe you can start crossing these off with your kiddos this Summer! 
1 - Camp out in the wild 
2 - Run around in the rain 
3 - Fly a kite 
4 - Hunt for treasure on a beach 
5 - Swing on a rope swing 
6 - Eat blackberries growing in the wild 
7 - Watch the sun wake up
8 - Get behind a waterfall 
9 - Feed a bird from your hand 
10 - Cook on a campfire 
11 - Canoe down a river
Have you done all of these with your children? What would you add to this list? 
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
XO, Alicen and Evey 

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