It's that time of year again. Kids are out of school and the Summer is upon us! We're all planning activities to keep the kiddos busy and starting to think about where we should vacation. Well, that's what most are thinking! If you're like us, as designers, we are always having to think ahead. We're already planning our Spring 2020 collection but more recently, we launched our Back to School collection and it made us a bit sentimental about how the Summer always flies by too fast. This prompted us to make a list of some ways to try and make the most of the Summer with our kids.  We thought maybe they would be helpful for you too! 
1) Don't overcommit! It's an easy thing to do especially when trying to keep the kiddos entertained but it's also really nice to have some carefree days. You'll definitely be happy for them!
2) Find some great outdoor activities to do! Whether it's a new hike or picnicking at your favorite park this is something memorable and also wonderful for one on one time with your kids. It's great to get them outside and enjoying nature. 
3) Encourage Independant Learning - Don't let your kids become part of what they call the Summer "brain drain." Encourage them to put down the screens and pick up a book instead. 
4) Schedule a family vacation - Summer is the perfect time to schedule a family getaway so pack the car up or schedule a flight to take the Summer fun on the road! 
What are some of your tips for Summer with the kiddos? Would love to hear and share more! 
Xo, Evey & Alicen 


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