Fun Indoor Activities to do with You Kids!

Fun Indoor Activities to do with You Kids!

Finding things to do while stuck at home with your kids for long periods of time can be a struggle, to say the least. Especially when your kids are full of energy and wanting to be entertained almost 24/7! 

In fact, even just being stuck at home as an adult can get boring if all you can think of doing is binge-watching Netflix. Luckily, we've had some time to think about this over the last month of Safer at Home. We thought we would help y'all out and give you some of our favorite stay-at-home activities! Below you’ll find everything you need to entertain your kids (or yourself) while stuck at home. We’ve got activities that will get you moving, educational and informative activities, fun ways to relax and unwind, and more!

1. Take a virtual museum tour! So many museums from all over the world are offering tours from the comfort of your home. Take advantage and take a trip to Paris without leaving your living room! Check them out here

2. Play some card games! There are so many to learn that even you may learn something new! Here's a link to some of your favorites! Click here!

3. Fill out workbooks with your kids! It's important to keep their minds active and here's a list of amazing workbooks you will love too! Click here
4. Have an indoor scavenger hunt! An indoor scavenger hunt can keep kids entertained for hours if it’s done right! Come up with a theme for your hunt, hide objects and clues around the house, and be sure to give the kids a prize once they solve the mystery or find the hidden treasure.
5. Do a science experiment! Be warned: This might get messy! There are some ideas for you at the link here
6. Bake! Who doesn't love baking? We've sure been doing a lot of it! Click here for some great recipes! 
7. Make a Time Capsule! If you and your kids are already stuck inside, why not gather some things from around the house like old toys, photos, and trinkets and put together a time capsule for your future selves? You could also film a video and put it on a USB flash drive and stick it in there too! That will be a great memory to look back on.
We hope this helps you over the next few weeks! What are some things you've been doing with your kids? Comment below and let us know! 
XO, Evey & Alicen

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