Summer and warmer weather are right around the corner! It's such a strange time right now being quarantined due to COVID-19 but we are excited about Summer!  No school, warm weather, outside activities, and hopefully we will soon be able to be outdoors together again! 
Here are a few things that we love about Summer! 
1. Going to the beach! Need some great swimwear for the beach or pooltime? We got you covered and it’s UPF fabric! Click here
2. Riding bikes and playing all day long! We love long walks, runs and days spent outdoors! 
3. All the Summer Clothes! We also have you covered here: )  Shop the in-stock collection here
4. Corn on the Cob, Watermelon and all the other wonderful Summer foods! Need some inspiration? Here's a great place to find some amazing recipes
5. Going along with that, we just love all the fruits & veggies that come in season in the Summer! Strawberries, we're looking at you! 
6. Summer Sunsets. Need we say more? 
7. Summer Vacation! Even if you're not planning anything big this year because of what's going on in the world - any vacation, even one to a local park, sounds perfect right about now! 
Let us know in the comments below what y'all are looking forward to this coming Summer! 
XO, Evey & Alicen 
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